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Live Gold Spot
closes in 06 hrs.30 mins.
Dec 12, 2007 NY Time
bid 805.94
change 3.96
contractmonth 2007-12-11
high 808.10
open 801.98
pctchangeS 0.49
prevclose 801.98
time_ymdhms 2007-12-12 06:30:21
Silver & PGM'S
closes in 06 hrs.30 mins.
Dec 12, 2007 NY Time
bid 14.56
change 0.04
contractmonth 2007-12-11
high 14.61
open 14.52
pctchangeS 0.28
prevclose 14.52
time_ymdhms 2007-12-12 06:30:17

Buying Gold Direct from Crowne:

Clients of Crowne Gold have the option of buying gold direct from this web site by simply going to Open Account, then provide the needed information, login and go to Buy Gold. You are then requested to enter the account name and number of the bank that will be sending exchange for your gold purchase and the amount in dollars you intend to purchase. Crowne's computer will provide you with wire transfer instructions. Be sure to reference your Crowne Gold account number on your wire transfer.
Your on-line statement will reflect your gold balance one-day after receipt of good funds. A record of your exchange will be preserved in your history, which you may review at any time.

Please Note: Due to market operations as related to precious metals offered by Crowne Gold:

Crowne Gold is a precious metals dealer that allows clients the ability to buy, store, sell or exchange gold and buy sell or store silver. Client PM (precious metal) is held in good delivery form in either medallions or bars. Physical delivery of purchased metals is immediately available for shipping in accordance with the terms set forth in the segregated areas of the website pertaining to such options. (please see Physical Delivery)

However, Crowne Gold is NOT an investment firm, nor a bank providing speculation on precious metals or fiat currencies. Therefore, IF in Crowne Gold's sole opinion, a client does not take physical delivery of their PM's and instead uses their segregated gold or silver account as if it were a commodities trading account, by selling or exchanging 30% or more of its gold/silver/holdings within 60 days of individual deposits, then Crowne Gold reserves the right to refund clients for holdings at the clients original purchase rate, minus fees and expenses.

In some cases early withdrawal fees may apply if 30% or more of these holdings are exchanged and/or sold from client accounts within 60 days of purchase

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