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Nov 11, 2007 NY Time
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You do not have to be a Crowne Gold client to take physical delivery of silver in beautiful one troy ounce rounds, (medallions), one, ten, fifty, or one hundred, troy ounce silver bars. To order medallions or ten-ounce bars simply click on the order buttons below. To order larger bars call the customer service office listed on the home page.

The Crowne Mint accepts exchange via wire transfer, check, or other method for silver orders. If you already have a Crowne Gold account with funds, gold, or silver on deposit, we can charge your Crowne Gold account and ship silver to you immediately. (Read more about opening a Crowne Gold account)

One of Crowne's premier products is the Sunshine Silver Eagle medallion shown here. This one-troy ounce round is .999 fine silver. (Read more about gold and silver purity here) In addition to the Sunshine Silver Eagle, the Crowne Mint provides a host of artistic one troy ounce specialty silver pieces and has fabricated beautiful ten-ounce bars of .999 fine silver in mirror finish with Eagle and diagonal sunrays. (Read more about silver here)

Silver Purity & Costs:
The purity rate for silver bars and medallions from the Crowne Mint is .999 fine. This is a higher grade of purity than collectible silver coins, which are typically 90% fine, or Sterling Silver, which is 92.5% fine. The traditional "Spot Price" for silver traded on the commodities markets fluctuates in accordance with world market pressures and constitutes the buying and selling rate for silver in minimum blocks of 5,000-ounce quantities. The fluctuating spot price does not include charges for brokerage fees, shipping and delivery costs, refining for purity upgrade, dies, fabrication and minting, polishing, finishing, insurance, vaulting, administration costs, etc. (About purity)

Rates below include shipping to the mint, dies and silver fabrication costs, shipping and insurance costs to a fulfillment center, but do not include shipping to your final destination.

Delivery is provided by UPS ground, USPS, two-day air, or overnight air based upon your request. Delivery charges are C.O.D for small orders and can be paid to the delivery driver by check. For larger orders shipping costs are required with the initial exchange. USPS shipping rates for orders inside the USA are as follows: 1-10 coins $5.95, 11-25 coins $9.95, 16-50 coins $12.95. For silver bars 1 bar $5.95, 2 bars $7.95, larger and international orders will be charged at the going shipping rate.

Bullion Pricing:
One-ounce silver medallions sold in the retail market run from $19.50 to $49.50 each. The prices quoted below are outlet pricing from the Crowne Mint. Silver pricing is related to the quantity and style of the silver product being purchased.

Quantity 1-1011-2526-5051-100101-500501-10001001+
One Troy Ounce .999 fine Silver Sunshine Silver Eagle - each$18.0017.50$17.00$16.50$16.00$15.50$15.00
Ten Troy Ounce .999 fine Silver Silver Eagle Bar – each$185$180$173$163$151$140$134


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