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Fees and Costs
Live Gold Spot
closes in 06 hrs.30 mins.
Dec 12, 2007 NY Time
bid 805.92
change 3.94
contractmonth 2007-12-11
high 808.10
open 801.98
pctchangeS 0.49
prevclose 801.98
time_ymdhms 2007-12-12 06:30:36
Silver & PGM'S
closes in 06 hrs.30 mins.
Dec 12, 2007 NY Time
bid 14.57
change 0.05
contractmonth 2007-12-11
high 14.61
open 14.52
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prevclose 14.52
time_ymdhms 2007-12-12 06:30:35

All fees are charged to your gold account at the equivalent US dollar rate at the time the fee is incurred.

Purchase of Gold:
BUY GOLD at the quoted spot price on the business day your funds are made good in our account. Because there are no delivery and fabrication fees at point of purchase your actual cost for moving fiat currencies into the world's oldest and most important hedge against currency devaluation is relatively low. A standard brokerage fee for an initial gold purchase will diminish your order size according to the below schedule.*

Please click here for additional information about purchasing gold.

All transactions are by Bank Wire
Minimum Amount of Transaction: US$1,000
Transactions larger than US $50,000 require source of funds disclosure
$1,000 up to $50,0005 percent
$51,000 up to $250,0004 percent
$251,000 or more3 percent 
Once you have qualified at a reduced percentage rate, all subsequent orders of any size are at that rate. For example, if you place an order under the 3% premium, all orders placed thereafter are at the 3% rate, even if they are as small as US$1,000.

Note: When buying gold the quoted spot price for the day immediately preceding the day your wire posts to our account will be referenced as the buy price. This is usually the closing New York spot price for the day on which you initiate the wire transfer.

* Network Affiliates are provided a discounted program.  Contact us for details.

Transfer & Make Exchange Charges:
You may transfer gold between your gold holding, and gold exchange accounts instantly. There is no charge for moving gold between your gold holding and gold exchange accounts.

When you access the option to Make exchange and move gold to another e-mail address (public account number) a minimum fee of US $7.50 in the equivalent weight of gold at the then current spot price is assessed your gold exchange account. If the amount being transferred is greater than $400, the transfer rate is increased as follows: 0.005 (1/2 of 1%) on the first $75,000; plus 0.0025 (1/4th of 1%) on amounts from $75,000 to $250,000; plus 0.00125 (1/8th of 1%) on amounts that exceed $250,000.

Physical Delivery Fees:
The purity rate for gold traded on the world's commodity markets is .995 and is the standard at which "Spot Price" is determined. The traditional "Spot Price" you see quoted on this site is updated regularly in accordance with world market pressures and constitutes the buying and selling rate (less commissions) for .995 gold. When taking delivery of custom designed coins and small bars there is a premium charged above the spot price to pay for the increased purity of the gold products to .9999 fine; the highest gold purity rate available anywhere in the world. The following bullets reflect the "other" costs embedded in the single add-on charge for each ounce of gold delivered as set forth below:

  • Shipping and insurance to the mint from an accredited warehouse of one of the three world commodities markets
  • Refined purity upgrade from .995 to .9999
  • Fabrication costs charged by the mint for processing gold into medallions and small bars
  • Shipping, insurance and vaulting costs to a secure fulfillment center
  • Shipping and insurance costs from the fulfillment center to your desired final destination
Rates below include all the costs set forth above.
  • Gold Internet Dollar coin shipped within U.S.: Spot Price + 20% 
  • Gold ten-ounce bars shipped within the U.S.: Spot Price + 20% 
  • Gold Internet Dollar coin shipped outside U.S.: Spot Price + 25% *
  • Gold ten-ounce bars shipped outside the U.S.: Spot Price + 25% *
* Duty, custom, or import charges are the responsibility of the receiver

Charges assessed for gold delivery are plus the then prevailing spot price and are charged against a client's gold balance. Please contact us to inquire about bulk rates.

Gold Storage:
Gold is stored under Crowne Gold's third-party vaulting arrangements for 1% per annum. The annual fee is divided into 12 parts and assessed monthly.

Selling of Gold:
at the quoted gold spot price when you place your sell order. A minor 0.005 service fee (1/2 of 1%) is assessed at the time of sale leaving 99.5% of your cash balance available to you for payout via check, money order, or wire transfer. Bank fees and air courier charges for any form of exchange other than a normal check sent by mail will be passed on as required.

Outgoing Wires:
Outgoing wire transfer fees are as follows:  

  International Customer Service: 1-869-466-4977USA Customer Service: 1-775-841-3573