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Live Gold Spot
closes in 15 hrs.44 mins.
Dec 07, 2007 NY Time
bid 795.60
change -4.02
contractmonth 2007-12-07
high 805.21
open 799.62
pctchangeS -0.50
prevclose 799.62
time_ymdhms 2007-12-07 15:44:27
Silver & PGM'S
closes in 15 hrs.44 mins.
Dec 07, 2007 NY Time
bid 14.35
change -0.10
contractmonth 2007-12-07
high 14.53
open 14.45
pctchangeS -0.69
prevclose 14.45
time_ymdhms 2007-12-07 15:44:27

The benefits for accepting Crowne Gold at your business location are compelling:
  • No transaction fees - costs are paid by the buyer
  • No transaction reversals - exchanges are final
  • No lag time for account credit - deposits are instantly available for use
  • Instant private secure exchanges
  • Crowne Gold is a hedge against economic downturn
  • rowne provides an alternative to traditional banking - a private system
  • An inexpensive way to pay vendors - full on-line accounting
  • Expand your market base - only 25% of buyers have a credit card

Getting Started:

Open an account, with Crowne Gold within minutes, by clicking the button on the right side of this page, and begin immediately to accept gold exchanges from customers. No special approvals are needed.

You may use the Merchant Interface to allow your system to communicate with Crowne Gold's server automatically. exchanges can be verified before releasing merchandise. For technical assistance see: More Information*

Use any of the buttons at right to advertise to your clients that you accept Crowne Gold. Right-click and then "Save Picture As..." to save the button for use on your website.

* The application appears as an Acrobat Pdf file; if Acrobat is not on your computer,
click here to install this free software.

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